Bad/Asses: Rogue (2018)

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Bad/Asses: Rogue (2018) Bad/Asses: Rogue (2018)
Bad/Asses: Rogue (2018) Run time: 39 min
Bad/Asses: Rogue (2018) Rating: 8.9
Bad/Asses: Rogue (2018) Genres: Action,Comedy,Crime,Mystery
Bad/Asses: Rogue (2018) Director: Josh Reiner
Bad/Asses: Rogue (2018) Writers: n/A
Bad/Asses: Rogue (2018) Stars: Miguel Garcia / Cristian Maraboli / Josh Reiner
The second installment of Bad/Asses, we start with our brand-new lead detectives Josh and Cris as they are trying to track down recent drug deals, but when Cris leaves work early for the…
Language: English
Release Date: 18 May 2018 (USA)
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One thought on “Bad/Asses: Rogue (2018)

  1. This may be an amateur film but with what the director Josh Reiner had to work with it is as good as it could get. you try writing a script with just 3 main characters, and still produce a 38 minute 55 second film. Congratulations Josh and JMC Productions job well one

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