A former wrestler and his family make a living performing at small venues around the country while his kids dream […]

A woman is boxed out by the male sports agents in her profession, but gains an unexpected edge over them […]

Sangharsh (2018) Run time: n/A Rating: 8.6 Genres: Action,Comedy,Drama Director: Parag Patil Writers: n/A Stars: Mahesh Acharya / Nisha Jha […]

President Evil (2018) Run time: n/A Rating: 9.8 Genres: Comedy Director: Richard Lowry Writers: n/A Stars: Ryan Quinn Adams / […]

Cristiano Rolando (2018) Run time: 94 min Rating: 9.9 Genres: Comedy Director: Alessio Micieli Writers: n/A Stars: Giovanni Arezzo / […]

Pocketman and Cargoboy (2018) Run time: 87 min Rating: 9.9 Genres: Adventure,Comedy,Sci-Fi Director: Clay Moffatt Writers: n/A Stars: Damian Michael […]

An Hour to Kill (2018) Run time: 96 min Rating: 8.9 Genres: Action,Comedy,Horror Director: Aaron K. Carter Writers: n/A Stars: […]

FP2: Beats of Rage (2018) Run time: n/A Rating: 8.7 Genres: Action,Comedy Director: Jason Trost Writers: n/A Stars: Nick Principe […]

Teefa in Trouble (2018) Run time: 155 min Rating: 8.3 Genres: Action,Comedy,Crime,Romance Director: Ahsan Rahim Writers: n/A Stars: Ali Zafar […]

Mard Ko Dard Nahin Hota (2018) Run time: n/A Rating: 8.3 Genres: Action,Comedy Director: Vasan Bala Writers: n/A Stars: Abhimanyu […]