Cristiano Rolando (2018)

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Cristiano Rolando (2018) Cristiano Rolando (2018)
Cristiano Rolando (2018) Run time: 94 min
Cristiano Rolando (2018) Rating: 9.9
Cristiano Rolando (2018) Genres: Comedy
Cristiano Rolando (2018) Director: Alessio Micieli
Cristiano Rolando (2018) Writers: n/A
Cristiano Rolando (2018) Stars: Giovanni Arezzo / Anastasia Armenante / Vincenzo Ferrera / Totò Galanti…
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Language: Italian
Release Date: 01 Oct 2018 (USA)
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4 thoughts on “Cristiano Rolando (2018)

  1. Very entertaining and yet a reflection of the Italian unindustrialized south with the struggles that people go through everyday

  2. Best indie movie ever seen. Congratulations on your film Alessio Micieli, you are one of the most talented directors I've ever met. Even being Spanish, you have been able to get me involved into the Sicilian culture. With your film, you make me understand your lifestyle, your day-to-day, your awesome sense of humour. The screenplay, characters and the scenography immersed myself in the movie. The comprehensible language and the use of subtitles when using Sicilian dialect make the movie be accessible to everyone. Thanks again for filling up our free time with such an amazing film.

  3. Saw the first one and loved it, but I wasn't expecting the second one, Cristiano Rolando, to be so deep and mature. I went for a laugh and ended up with so much more and could not stop talking about it with my friends and family. It's a passionate project that was able to grow in a harsh territory, amazing new faces that got involved an brought out the most of it with their interpretation and personality. A storyline that will surprise you and an ending that made me cry without expecting it, at all. A movie definitely worth seeing, for the serious side of it and for the fun side of it.. but especially for the credits scene!

  4. This Indipendent Movie deserves to be seen several times. Action, fun, feeling! All contained in a masterpiece signed by Alessio Micieli. Congratulations to the actors and the director who have made the saga. An independent film where the images and the smallest details are stressed in such a way as to make the movie beautiful to see, scene after scene! WELL DONE !!!

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