Enter the Fire (2018)

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Enter the Fire (2018) Enter the Fire (2018)
Enter the Fire (2018) Run time: 76 min
Enter the Fire (2018) Rating: 8.6
Enter the Fire (2018) Genres: Action
Enter the Fire (2018) Director: Phil Gorn
Enter the Fire (2018) Writers: n/A
Enter the Fire (2018) Stars: Ian Lauer / Lou Ferrigno / Teresa Navarro / Christopher Showerman…
On the run from the mob, Jake Bolt visits his estranged foster brother. As the mafia closes in, the two brothers must band together to fend off the mafia – while trying not to kill each…
Language: n/A
Release Date: 01 Jun 2018 (USA)
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5 thoughts on “Enter the Fire (2018)

  1. If your into ActionMovies, Enter The Fire should be on your list of Action Movies. The fight scenes are amazing. This is a must see action movie,

  2. The movie was very good and had a great story plot which made this movie a whole lot entertaining. Made a good reference to martial arts throughout the movie.

  3. This is the action film that the indie scene needed. Great bay area locations, fast cars, great kung fu. Stellar performances from some of the greats like Mike Placencia, Marcus Spencer, and the beautiful Teresa Navaro. Hope to see more films like this soon!

  4. Well written, action packed and it kept me at the edge of my seat! Big Lou and a stellar performance by Guy Grundy! Will watch again for sure! Go out and see this now!

  5. On the plus side this low budget action film has some location shooting in San Francisco.

    However this is a movie that looks cheap and amateurish, some of the editing looked really basic.

    This is a showcase for martial arts star Ian Lauer who looks a bit like a younger Hugh Jackman. We see him workout in this film and show off his muscles. However he is not very charismatic onscreen being easily upstaged by the actor who plays his foster brother.

    The story of a MMA fighter Jake Bolt who goes on the run after refusing to throw a fight is humdrum. The scene where some goons go around San Francisco stopping random strangers and showing them a picture of Bolt is laughably bad. The fight scenes are functional and nothing elaborate.

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