Kriminalas ekselences fonds (2018)

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Kriminalas ekselences fonds (2018) Kriminalas ekselences fonds (2018)
Kriminalas ekselences fonds (2018) Run time: 126 min
Kriminalas ekselences fonds (2018) Rating: 8.5
Kriminalas ekselences fonds (2018) Genres: Action,Comedy,Crime
Kriminalas ekselences fonds (2018) Director: Oskars Rupenheits
Kriminalas ekselences fonds (2018) Writers: n/A
Kriminalas ekselences fonds (2018) Stars: Lauris Klavins / Andris Daugavins / Maris Micerevskis / Armands Brakmanis…
Imants Veide is writing a script about con artists and their schemes. Together with his friend Harijs Kuharjonoks he’s trying them out for real for greater authenticity, but gets too…
Language: Latvian
Release Date: 02 Feb 2018 (Latvia)
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3 thoughts on “Kriminalas ekselences fonds (2018)

  1. It might be better to see the movie for yourself before reading any reviews or hearing spoilers. 9 stars might be a bit too generous, but these are unique circumstances considering its niche in movie industry. When a new Latvian movie pops up – most people I know – set their expectations really low. This movie is something different entirely (might not be for everyone). It seems polished and thought out – from smaller details like camera work and props to major things like acting, story, flow of dialogues. The movie gives an impression that there were actual professionals working on it. Acting felt very believable for the most part (some minor line deliveries here and there might have gained something from additional takes and direction or maybe some assurance – but that was mostly for one or two secondary or even tertiary characters). Usually with Latvian cinema – a lot of actors act like they are on a theater stage which rarely works in modern movies and feels overacted. Not this movie. The language is coarse, but it depicts quite realistically how some people talk and react to certain things. Every character seems likeable and like someone you can actually relate to. The script is surreal at times and funny throughout – dialogues are organic, the story itself – crazy, but believable, the way characters are introduced and developed – creative and quirky. And the story is quite unpredictable and full of surprises and twists. The whole nostalgia-exploitation works great – the props, the people, the setting. What is even more impressive – this movie was made through donations and crowdfunding. If I had to compare this to something else then I would say that watching this somewhat felt like I was watching something created by Coen brothers or Taika Waititi – in terms of approach to character interactions and some style similarities.

  2. I don't like Latvian movies. Can appreciate some classics, but in general I will avoid anything coming from Latvian filmmaker. It's mostly due to acting – feels forced / theatre like. Plain and boring cinematography is another trademark and most plots are way too straight forward for my liking with nothing seemingly happening.

    And then there is this. Probably the most interesting film we have now, it's definitely worth watching. It just feels… Different.

    Cinematography is finally not bland, Film is filled with details / exposition, different camera angles are put in use. It really looks good throughout Plot is interesting and things actually do happen. Like other review here mentioned at some points it even has some surreal elements. Characters are fleshed out and acting feels genuine. At no point I thought I am watching the usual Shakespearean play, most Latvian actors are so keen to do

    Oh and it is genuinely funny. Forgot to mention I don't like Latvian comedies. At least on the big screen. There are some funny short sketches, mostly older stuff, but in general I am not a fan. But boy oh boy, this movie had some really good moments. Nothing obnoxious, it was just the way I like it. The idea in movie of "how certain item was sold" was absolutely hilarious, still cracks me up.

    The only off putting thing that I could think about, is the generally harsh language, suppose some might not like that. But it fits in, language is not forced it does feel appropriate to this narrative

    Absolutely recommend to go watch this, it will pleasantly surprise you. It sure did me

  3. The Latvian heist movie made everyone laugh. Being honest, the cause of laughter possibly was the lively and uncensored language. On other hand, the jokes weren't weak as well. While watching the movie, even the introvert let the breath run through his nose a bit faster (I know since one of them was sitting next to me). Even though my humor is probably destroyed by internet, some of the jokes tickled even my funny bone. The story goes quite slowly but it didn't hurt the intrigue. TV screenwriter Imants has a great idea to try out everything he writes for a new TV show about thieves ('scuse me, tricksters). Meanwhile, his friend Harry wants to make something out of himself and earn a buck. What begins with stealing Pupsiks (a dog, which eventually makes its owner crazy) ends with Imants idea of becoming a criminal authority. I have to say the location scout did his job very well. Some of the places were perfect for recreating authentic feeling of the 90's. Cinematography was beautiful and the color scheme was nice to the eye. The actors were great for their roles and I have a feeling that we'll finally have our own movie actors (Latvia has a lot of theater actors but none of them usually fit the movie scene well). The only thing that was a bit out of place was the dubbing. Sometimes the voices weren't what you'd expect from a running person or while being in the interior of a speeding car. And the other thing – the rule of thirds exists for a reason. Even the sociopath laughed. That is a good sign that the movie was great.

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