Lääkekoe (2018)

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Lääkekoe (2018) Lääkekoe (2018)
Lääkekoe (2018) Run time: n/A
Lääkekoe (2018) Rating: 8.7
Lääkekoe (2018) Genres: Action,Horror,Mystery
Lääkekoe (2018) Director: Tapio Kauma / Ville Väisänen
Lääkekoe (2018) Writers: n/A
Lääkekoe (2018) Stars: Tapio Kauma / Ville Väisänen / Niko Hill / Heikki Kauma…
Young man struggling with his sanity must confront inner and outer demons. He embarks on an action packed adventure after taking part in a strange medical experiment.
Language: Finnish
Release Date: n/A
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2 thoughts on “Lääkekoe (2018)

  1. Excellent movie that combines great action with creeping horror. Special thanks for the special effects and editing. The story is really unique.

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