Narco Valley (2018)

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Narco Valley (2018) Narco Valley (2018)
Narco Valley (2018) Run time: 78 min
Narco Valley (2018) Rating: 8.9
Narco Valley (2018) Genres: Action,Crime,Drama
Narco Valley (2018) Director: Alex Magaña
Narco Valley (2018) Writers: n/A
Narco Valley (2018) Stars: Mr. Capone-E / Jason DeRoss / Lexis Aguilar / Roberto Garcia…
An ex-gangster who after being released from prison attempts to get on the straight and narrow. When that doesn’t work out, he is pulled back into crime, building his empire as a kingpin,…
Language: English
Release Date: 13 Mar 2018 (USA)
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