Rangasthalam (2018)

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Rangasthalam (2018) Rangasthalam (2018)
Rangasthalam (2018) Run time: 170 min
Rangasthalam (2018) Rating: 8.7
Rangasthalam (2018) Genres: Action,Drama
Rangasthalam (2018) Director: Sukumar
Rangasthalam (2018) Writers: n/A
Rangasthalam (2018) Stars: Ram Charan / Samantha Ruth Prabhu / Aadhi / Jagapathi Babu…
The fear of his elder brother’s death starts to haunt an innocent, hearing impaired guy after they both join forces to overthrow the unlawful 30 year long regime of their village’s…
Language: Telugu
Release Date: 29 Mar 2018 (Kuwait)
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10 thoughts on “Rangasthalam (2018)

  1. I was awed while watching the movie, a Telugu movie in ages, made with pure heart and soul. You don't see actors on screen, only the characters with full heart and soul. Each character was potrayed beautifully with 200% effort by all the actors. I had my expectations while looking at cast but wow ever actor did more than 200% justice to their characters, which can be directly attributed to director Sukumar's effort in direction department, raw and realistic art work, beautiful cinematography, each and every other department.

    I was waiting for Sukumar to show his potential on such realistic movie rather than trying to make an intelligent movies which has no heart and soul. We all know what he is capable of but I am finally glad that he decided to work on such a beautiful script like Rangasthalam rather than pointless intellectual movies which I didn't like personally (this is purely because of my affection towards Sukumar, wanting him to make exceptional movies only).

    Coming to performances, Ramcharan was a standout as Chittibabu, I felt the character deeply realistic like many people we see in villages, innocent, pure at heart and stubborn at the same time, this is an outstanding performance by Ram Charan, I can't say anything about awards/rewards, but he won my heart with this movie.

    If this movie doesn't win any major Indian awards this year, we can only pray the god to give working brains to the awards committees.

    This is one of a kind movie came in Telugu after a long time. Beautiful story telling, outstanding performances, tons of emotions, go for it.

  2. This movie provides real cinematic experience -Visual feast of 80's. Everyone in the film played their role very well and never felt they/this scene could've been done better. Kudos to Ramcharan esply – he outperformed. Story screenplay held it gripping from start to finish. These days movies are being made for pure commercial purposes – some unwanted songs, jokes, fights and disconnected loves – in this era, brining out Movies like Rangasthalam is really appreciable. Anything less we talk about it, it's us then forcing to watch those stupid stuff again, so I've spent some worthy time to write review because encourage what's good.

  3. Watch the characters speak. Listen to the background score speak. Feel the visuals speak. Read the writer/director speak. A revenge drama. We have watched millions of them, yes. But this will take its spot among the rare few best in this lot. Ram Charan gives a lifetime performance as Chitti Babu. His role, his expressive histrionics owing to the disability (plays deaf), his characterization (not heroic by pretense but through sheer nature). Samantha as the female lead, looks like your typical Indian village belle, shows just how much efforts she has put into this project. Devi Sri Prasad bags yet another life time album which isn't complete with the re-recording. All the characters enter and exit the 'Rangasthalam' (stage) with perfect timing and apt presence. You feel Rangasthalam for the 170minutes. The writing and taking however, takes the top seat as it moulds a pretty known plot into something that's intriguing all through. Art direction takes a special mention. Like his earlier flicks, this one too undeniably has the – SukkuMARK !

  4. I know these kind of stories as they happen in reality and regularly in films. But RANGASTHALAM is differently portrayed on the canvas of a beautiful little village and it's mega world of emotions, and that village stands different as this film plays it as a natakam or drama and title chose the same name. Narrated from the perspective of chill+hot headed chittibabu/ram charan explores different levels of human reactions, desires, misuse of power and freedom using different characters in that world. Never missed entertainment yet deeply imprinted the truth that leaders live for people and heroes live up to welfare of people. I'm in love with the effort and output. Go and watch with your family and friends.

    Regards, Vasishta Vs.

  5. Sheer brilliance from Sukumar. He delivered once again. After a stylish thriller 1 Nenokkadine, this will be his best work till date. Unpredictable, brilliant performance from Ramcharan. You'll get the pure village environment through out the movie. For NRI's and non Indians out there, you can witness how an Indian village, especially an Andhra village was 30 years ago. The kind of politics existed at that time, the kind of people existed, you can feel everything throughout the movie. You won't feel lengthy though it's for 3 hours. Brilliant perfomances from all the cast, excellent work behind the lens by Rathnavelu, nice re recording by DSP. And for all the North Indians and foreigners, you won't witness old age boring fights with unnecessary sound effects. You'll witness the most realistic fights and they'll make the audience sit on the edge of their seats. After a long time, this director came forward to take the actions scenes to the most realistic level, which is obviously Hollywood level. FINALLY, IT'S A MUST WATCH CLASSIC WHICH HAPPENS VERY RARE ESPECIALLY IN INDIAN FILM INDUSTRY.

  6. One of the best film to watch and superb acting from the both main leads i already watched 3 times and will wacth it again

  7. What a movie , just blown away with the this kind of story Sukumar wrote. Spell Bound performance by Ram Charan(Chitti babu ) like never before. He became like a clay in the hands of Sukumar,there is just Chitti babu seen through out the movie. This will be his landmark movie. We get to see all the shades of character be it equally strong mentally & physically , emotional , being funny,romantic,family guy,responsible guy,comical,most innocent ,most caring…there is so much to say about Charan as Chitti babu. Ram Charan deserves a national award for truly getting into the skin of Chitti Babu.

    Samantha(Rama Lakshmi), Chitti babu is incomplete without Rama Lakshmi. She is amazing, Cannot imagine any other except Samantha.She just breaks her own acting records with incredible performance in every movie.She just stands tall & surpasses everyone with her incredible work.Rama Lakshmi is a very strong character with added cuteness, Samantha sunk into it perfectly.

    Jagapathi Babu(President) is excels in his role,terrifically portrayed.He can just act with his eyes.Experience matters a lot to pull of such an act.

    Adi pinisetty (Kumar Babu) ,Prakash Raj(Dakshina Murthy),Anasuya(Rangamatha) are so apt for their role, they added lot of value to the story line.

    Every character in the movie has their importance , no character is just standing there as a prop.

    Highlights of the movie : -On point Characters sketch & screen play. -Cinematography ( just wow is what we can say to Rathnavelu's work) -Music & background score are just the soul of the movie (DSP can just break his own records) -Art work (Is it sets in the movie ? Not even felt that for a second too..Great work Team).

  8. This film is one of the good films that i have seen recently…… 1.The performances of actors in this movie was so much admirable.And particularly lead actor Ramcharan had just nailed it,superb performance and so others. 2.Art direction,Cinematography,Sound designing and other technical deparments showed some absolute and ultimate work which is very rare from telugu film industry. 3.Songs were too good(awesome lyrics),Bgm in some of the scenes were superb and in some of the scenes i felt it could be improved..anyways DSP gave his best. 4. Good direction but story was an old one( there were many telugu films in 90's with almost same plot) and predictable one.Screenplay was ok not much exciting i felt.Director sukumar's magic was little missing in this. Finally,i felt the movie was like "The best quality meat, finest spices, salt, turmeric,etc etc were mixed proportionally to make a chicken biriyani but the quality of the rice was so poor"

  9. Rangasthalam is a political and revenge drama with intense characters, where you forget all about the actors and only their performances are driven into the story. Where you forget about watching a movie an watch an intense story.

    After great political drama like prasthanam there comes another with political and revenge story Rangasthalam.

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