Reign of Judges: Title of Liberty – Concept Short (2018)

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Reign of Judges: Title of Liberty - Concept Short (2018) Reign of Judges: Title of Liberty – Concept Short (2018)
Reign of Judges: Title of Liberty - Concept Short (2018) Run time: n/A
Reign of Judges: Title of Liberty - Concept Short (2018) Rating: 8.8
Reign of Judges: Title of Liberty - Concept Short (2018) Genres: Action
Reign of Judges: Title of Liberty - Concept Short (2018) Director: Darin Southam
Reign of Judges: Title of Liberty - Concept Short (2018) Writers: n/A
Reign of Judges: Title of Liberty - Concept Short (2018) Stars: Karina Lombard / Ben Cross / Eugene Brave Rock / Darin Southam…
73 BC pre-Columbian New World. A humble soldier rises unexpectedly as the protector of a young republic. Now Chief Captain of a war-weary nation, Moroni defends his country with…
Language: English
Release Date: 15 Mar 2018 (USA)
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Bring Me His Head

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Deny Him

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Opening Title

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End Credits

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10 thoughts on “Reign of Judges: Title of Liberty – Concept Short (2018)

  1. My wife and I attended the premier event and loved it. It was too short!!! I want a 3 movie, Lord of the Rings extended edition style release (ie. 3-4 hours each), one a year for 3 years. 🙂 This is such an epic story that deserves to be told on the big screen.

  2. WOW, just wow! I knew you guys could do it, but that was better than I hoped for. Thank you for putting your heart and soul into this project, and thank you for the opportunity to be one of the first of millions to take part on this journey with you by attending the premiere last night. My brother and I were deeply moved by all the emotion and power behind that opening scene and all the production BTS as well. The actors, and their testimonials of faith, prayer, lineage… are all blessings from God and I honestly could feel something special in that theater tonight. Not something that happens a lot at the movies. I'm excited for whats next for you all, I can already see the trilogy unfolding. This film deserves the recognition from Hollywood, and this story needs to be told in this medium!

  3. This concept short film exceeded my expectations and had me on the edge of my seat. A great story told well can become a great film. The desperate struggle for freedom chronicled in The Book of Mormon is a compelling and riveting story to bring to the silver screen. Astounding work Darin! Onward!

    The acting and quality of the cast and special effects were very well done. The cinematography was excellent and the setting and costumes were perfect. The film score emotionally connects the viewers to the story and greatly enhances the experience. The overall presentation was enthralling especially for the short amount of time that was available to create and produce it. It felt like I was watching a major motion picture. I can easily see this project progressing toward completion and I believe it will happen.

    The power of faith and prayer are real and they bring forth miracles. Ben Cross mentioned the influence of prayer in his decision to accept his role in the behind the scenes cut. This project has miracles woven into it and many people believe in it.

  4. Intense, beautiful, instantly captivating! Excellent film work, music, costumes and acting. Really good characters in each role. Ben Cross is one scary dude! We loved it and can't wait for the full length movie….all three of them!

  5. As a young 19 year old serving in Mexico I had a dream/vision of a movie based on the war chapters of the Book of Mormon and I saw clearly an image of a jungle scene with the subtitle "Zarahemla, 72 B.C."

    I wondered when someone would actually create that movie. I can't wait to see what you do with a full length feature.

    My teenagers didn't realize this was only a short concept film and when the credits started rolling they were SO disappointed as they wanted to see the whole thing! We are praying that everything goes super smoothly so that this can become a reality sooner than later.

  6. There is power in this film that no other movie I have seen could create. In just 14 minutes the film was able to capture raw emotion that left me speechless, and wanting more. The soundtrack is amazing! There's a strong connection between the audio and the visual which helps create strong emotions throughout the film. Along with the soundtrack is the incredible acting. The actors were very well connected and each one was able to portray their character in a unique way that made it seem very realistic. This was a low budget production, but it reflects the work of a high budget film. You would never imagine that this was produced in such a short amount of time funded by supporters on kickstarter, yet that's exactly what happened. There is so much potential for this film and I only dream and pray that it becomes a full length feature film in the near future. On a more personal note, I usually don't get emotional in movies, but this proved to be different than any other movie I've seen. Most of the film was intense, but there was one line towards the end that was just one word. As the actor was yelling that word the emotion and strength was so immense it made me emotional. The theater went silent and you could tell that everyone in the room had felt the same power that I did. I applaud the director and everyone involved in this project, may the spirit of Freedom spread like wildfire across the world!!!! Ho Fe!!!!!

  7. I've been able see this project develop from its kickstarter phase with the promise of capturing a worldwide spirit of freedom in a war-epic similar to Braveheart. Braveheart had a profound impact on me as a boy and has stayed with me as I've become a man. The principle that when you know what you're willing die for you also know what you're willing to live for has been a powerful truth that I've been seeking for throughout my life. I believe it is a truth we are all seeking for. A belief in something greater than ourselves. A life of purpose. I had great reservations in a project claiming to capture that same spirit of freedom and purpose I experienced in Braveheart. Especially with a story from a book I've grown up with and am very familiar with. Now having seen this concept short film and having slept on it. I feel that same spirit of freedom has been captured again. Something special has been created here. I hope that anyone who watches this will look past the technical imperfections and pay attention to the emotion and spirit of freedom. We need more stories about men and women who are willing die for what they believe in to inspire us to discover what we're willing to live for. "Every man dies, not every man really lives." -Randall Wallace, Braveheart

  8. This was a great concept with a riveting story, fantastic acting, wonderful camera work, and a beautiful soundtrack. The set location was great, and the costumes, makeup, and stunt work were spot on. I really had goosebumps during many of the scenes. It lays the groundwork for what will be an amazing story of one man's struggle to unite his people under a banner of freedom and face a murderous population intent on enslaving all those who oppose them. This movie started in an area, and time, I did not expect, but fully realized the intent and perfect placement of the characters as a setup to properly tell the story. Well done team, you made me a believer in this movie!

  9. We were above and beyond pleased with this concept short!!! It left us breathless and totally excited for the feature film to be made!! The feeling behind it and the heart that went into it moved us deeply. We are behind this project 1000% and Darrin Southam has proven he has what it takes to bring this epic story to life for everyone! Can't speak highly enough about it – can't wait for what's next!

  10. I know the power of the Book of Mormon and so excited that Darin has brought it to the Big Screen. More and More people will understand seeing this movie the importance of it. The actors that he chose for this movie are amazing. I love the costumes and the music score wow! They just might get an Academy Award. Darin Thank you for bringing this to life on the big screen. I know it will be very successful and as a member I thank you!

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