Vada Chennai (2018)

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Vada Chennai (2018) Vada Chennai (2018)
Vada Chennai (2018) Run time: 164 min
Vada Chennai (2018) Rating: 9.3
Vada Chennai (2018) Genres: Action,Crime
Vada Chennai (2018) Director: Vetrimaaran
Vada Chennai (2018) Writers: n/A
Vada Chennai (2018) Stars: Dhanush / Ameer Sultan / Radha Ravi / Daniel Balaji…
A fisherman from North Chennai unknowingly falls prey to the trap set by a mafia gang.
Language: Tamil
Release Date: 17 Oct 2018 (Denmark)
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10 thoughts on “Vada Chennai (2018)

  1. Vetrimaaran And Dhanush Are best Combo. saNa BGM osm same fire as Kaala. Everyone has done their acting well. My Fav Us Anbu The Anchor

  2. Please don't wounder if this movie becomes a cult classic in next 10 years. The story has been crafted with attention to detail. Movies like this keeps the young generation directors motivated. Actors appearing in each and every frame has done their job with perfection. The craftsmanship of vettri maran has taken the movie to the next level. Please do watch the movie in theaters.

  3. Dhanush acting is awesome, everyone is done superb, fight scene, Mass bgm each and every seconds. Waiting for #vadachennai2

  4. This movie has been in the making for a decade or more and its totally worth it and understandable! Every character, scene, dialogue means something and its so well etched that you have to accept it sets a benchmark for regional cinema. It is comparable to all the great gangster dramas that world has produced like the untouchables, godfather, and our own nayagan, satya and gangs of wasseypur. Amusing that directors find their best work in describing crime from its origin to effect.

    Yes, this movie describes a reluctant young man's journey through the slums surrounded by crooks eventually into a leader and ganglord and is inspired by all those movies listed above. What stood out were few things among many, how the director has given attention to detail right from cinematography to dialogue to time period it feels as if the tale is unscripted, the superb acting from all the cast led by Dhanush, the editing which deserves multiple awards for carrying out non linear story telling with aplomb, the music which is not jarring and giea with the flow and above all the direction which is a cut above the rest taking the best out if his crew Vetri maaran gives his best work here.

    Enjoy the intensity, political satire (for eg when a character asks if rajiv gandhi succeeded mgr as prime minister) the lawlessness, the dilemma of who or what is right and wrong, is it all by design or free will and many other uncomfortable questions.

    You will definitely root for the lead character and have many moments with tears in your eyes and lump in your throat!

  5. I'm really sleepy now but could not imagine going to sleep without writing a very brief review about "Vada Chennai" (North Chennai). The fourth film directed by Vetrimaaran. This year has been great for Tamil Cinema. Kolamaavu kokila, Chekka chivandha vaanam (okay type), '96, pariyerum perumaal, raatchasan and Vada Chennai.

    When I watched Prem Kumar's debut film '96 two weeks ago, I felt that it would definitely play the role of a "reference film" for future directors planning on making a romantic film. For future/budding directors planning to make a gangster film this MUST be your reference. We've seen various gangster films in Tamil, but Vada Chennai is a class apart. This is a pure EPIC. Such a complex script and screenplay but at the same time understandable. If you're planning to watch this film (which I highly recommend), I suggest that you first watch the previous works of Vetrimaaran. This movie has the essence of "POLLADHAVAN" – an innocent lower-middle class young adult fighting gangsters who stole his bike, "AADUKALAM" – politics/war with a game as the base (carrom board in this one and cock-fight in the former), "VISAARANAI" – prison scenes. The film has such strong female characters who are not the typical female leads you see in a South Indian cinema. (Sorry feminists)

    Songs were so apt and perfectly placed. Although Dhanush is an amazing dancer I was surprised that he did not dance in this film which he did in both the previous films of Vetrimaran. Dhanush really deserves appreciation for not wanting to add so much weight to the story (but of course that's what the script demanded). This movie's making has demanded a detailed research on the lives of people living in Northern Madras. Their culture, dialect ("Fowder" for powder, "flayer" for player, "ports" for sports, "tation" for station etc) etc captured on-screen so perfectly. Incidents such as the death of Rajiv Gandhi, death of MGR etc simply flows with the story. The last North Madras based film I enjoyed was "MADRAS" which was a great attempt as well. Don't think even a film maker with a North Madras Origin could make a movie as good as "Vada Chennai".

    A particular scene reminded me of "Pudhupettai" as well which is one of my favorite Tamil gangster films. Some vintage scenes reminded me of "Kammattipaadam" with people in funny hairstyles and bell bottoms riding Yezdis. In this film Dhanush plays only ONE OF THE major parts. Samuthrakani, Ameer, Kishore, Andrea, Aishwarya Rajesh and Dhanush help Vetrimaaran hold this 2.45 hrs long film so brilliantly.

    The reason I was looking forward to this one is the Vetrimaaran-Dhanush combo. I wouldn't be surprised if Dhanush or for that matter any of the actors win a National award once again for a Vetrimaaran's film (the previous one being Dhanush winning National award for the best actor for Aadukalam).

    The film is rated "A" and of course I noticed that the families (husband, wife and teenage kids) dint enjoy as much as the bachelors. Who knows!!!

    Eagerly waiting for the sequel which should be out in 2019. In the end I kept wondering "how daring Vetrimaaran is to even think of making a film as massive as Vada Chennai. Another Vetrimaaran brilliance!!!! Dude only gets better and better every time.

  6. The story starts with a murder without revealing the victim.The huge plus of the movie was it's screenplay.Top notch performance by every character in the film.Dhanush had lived the character of Anbu.All the changes in Anbu were so real.This story makes you a part of it in which you have to decide your side.All actors in the movie had given their best of their career.This movie gives you a feel like "why did it end".

  7. One and only best gangster Film of the Indian cinema…. Character specialisation is extraordinary…. Actor Dhanush performance is main part of the success…

  8. Vada Chennai is fantastic movie ever I have seen this movie is fabulous vada Chennai vada Chennai vada Chennai vada Chennai

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